Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Young tigers

  • What happen to our young football team, Harimau Muda A? They have been kicked out from the Malaysian Super League with some "ambiguous" reasons. Then they are being thrown here and there.
  • Personally Im really sad looking at the situation. Harimau Muda A is the junior squad that will eventually be the National Squad one day. They are the one who will make the nation proud. But if they are being treated like this, how can they really develop?
  • The current crop of Harimau Muda A is good. They are all great players. They have shown their potential by winning the Liga Perdana last season. Togeter with great coaches such as Azrai Khor, they can really make it at least at the South East Asia level.
  • As a fan of Malaysian football, i beg the authorities to 'save' Harimau Muda A. Please do something so that they can compete in a competitive league or at least get the proper training so that they can preserve their form individually and as a team.
  • Malaysia boleh!!

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