Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ex = headache

  • Can we date our best friend ex? This is an interesting notion to talk about.
  • Generally, there are two school of thoughts regarding the matter. One of them in in favor with the notion and another is against it. Lets talk about both ideas.
  • For those who say NO to this idea might say that it is just wrong to date your best friend's ex. In friendship, there are some hidden rules that must be followed. Not dating your best friend's ex is one of them.
  • Can you imagine, at one time you are hanging around with your friends while cuddling your gf and the next time you hang around with them, the girl is in someone else's hand. To make it more painful, she is being cuddle by your friend. Crap!
  • But others might say that its OKAY. Since your relationship is over with her, its okay to date the girl. Its just normal human norm.
  • Personally, I dont want to date my best friend's ex. This is because I believe in the golden rule of life which is "Do not do something that you dont want others to do to you". Plus Im quite sure that what goes around comes around. So just dont do shit because it might return to you one day.
  • Herm......

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Amir Syafiq said...

yeah agreed.its a totally messed up situation.boleh gaduh kengkawan juge.hehe.