Thursday, December 22, 2011


I got to admit it. Every time I want to walk into a classroom full of students, I will feel nervous. I kept thinking on what I have to say, what kind of jokes I should crack, what kind of face I should wear and thousand other questions. Even with experience of 2years, the feeling of nervous still there and breeds everyday.

Reality check.

Nervousness is normal. Any chap who said that they dont feel nervous might fall into one of these two groups. first they are liar. secondly they are superman. As simple as that.Its normal to have such feeling. As a human born, I cannot escape but to feel nervous every time people put on expectation on my shoulder.

I guess it is the part and parcel of being a normal human being. Even stadium rockers have their own nervy moment.

p/s- oh how I wish I have super power. I want the power of shooting beans from my fingers so that i can help those sleepy heads in class to wake up. Aim....Fire!!! Haha!!

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