Friday, December 23, 2011


In just about one and half week, I will be done with my training. As for now I am still a trainee. But my training days are counted and I cant wait to end this.

After two years of roller coaster ride, I cant believe it is almost the end. Entering the institution as a fresh man, I crawl my way through the training. Of course I share my share of ups and downs during the training.

So faster, I've met some brilliant mentors who taught me a lot. Dr Faiz, Dr Ain, Dr Vijay and Dr Shameen just to name few, are good mentors. They help me to nurture the knowledge within me. Help me to see angels that I have never seen before. Train me hard so that one day I could be a mentor just like them.

Nothing but a sincere thank you to all who have been with me in this journey. Now, I have to face one last obstacle before all of you can call me MASTER.

p/s- Lets hope I will not turn into the dark side like what Anakin did. Muahahah!

Master Obi one kenobi

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