Thursday, March 31, 2011

High school

Gambar hiasan
  • It is funny to see how people change over time. If you are really observant, you can see this real-life play right in front of your eyes. Warning, you might be smiling or laughing alone all the time. Haha
  • My high school was a notorious one. It was full with gangs and angry+confused teenagers. Seriously. One of the gang was called Geng Sikat & Cermin. The gang was named that way since they literally bring their own comb and mirror to school. When I say mirror and comb, please be reminded that it was the biggest mirror and comb that you could ever bring to school. As you can guess their man activity was to comb their hair every 30 minutes. Yes people. I am serious!
  • Well, actually they are not so bad ass. All of them were in the same class with me. But being fat and had not so great hair made me an outsider of that group. The gang continued their activity for one whole year. The next year the gang was dismantled since many of them changed class.
  • Nowadays I still keep in touch with some of the gang. They even become my hommies. No more extra large comb and mirror. They all have become somewhat "normal". One of them is an engineer and the other is busy with preparation for his wedding.
  • Sometimes when we have our teh o ais session, we will talk about the good old days when their hair looked like Tomok wanna be. Its a great laugh for us.
  • Its funny how people change. Aite?

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