Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year

  • It is still not to late to talk about new year. It is still new year isnt it?
  • Well, this year I hope it will be a great one for me, if not fantastic.
  • Adding up to my new year resolution is that I want to do something that is academically challenging. I can be anything. Writing a term paper, publishing a journal, writing project paper or even take up course that I never think off before.
  • I have lots of reason to be happy this year.
  • Firstly my life is quite okay. No major complaint. No major complaint. Cant ask for more.
  • Another reason to be happy is that I have my angel on my side. My angel is a special one which was created especially for me. Cewah!!
  • As for my new year present, she gave me something priceless. Take a look at the picture. Its priceless. Nuff said.
  • :)