Friday, January 21, 2011


  • Who ever said that shopping is a good stress reliever must be a filthy rich person or someone who is plain crazy.
  • Last week I almost burn a few Ks because of shopping. But since Im quite a religious (in shopping term) guy, I ended up buying nothing. Thank god!
  • The first incident occur when I was at The Mines Shopping. The purpose I was there was to grab a quick lunch with my angel. But as the saying goes "tak kenal maka tak cinta" I fell in love with a notebook. I have to admit that Im in the mood to buy a new notebook, but it doesnt mean Im ready to buy one.
  • After 30-minutes of discussion with the tokey, I managed to escape alive without buying anything from the store. Fuh~

  • The second incident happened yesterday when I accompanied my Abang to a workshop.
  • "Abang kasi tukar rim la. Kita kasi harga murah punya." Once again my heart stopped when I saw this heart-stopping deal.
  • Geez..... I dont know...maybe its time for me to do something with my car. Its been a while since I wanted to upgrade my car's exterior look.
  • "Murah punya abang. Kasi pasang ini rim, kereta abang nampak naik". Im sure what the tokey said by naik is my car will look somewhat like the car from Fast and furious, if not better.
  • After 20 minutes and 45 seconds I made up my mind. "Saya tak mau tukar. Saya nak beli laptop". Im saved. Haha.

  • Well, that was two not-so-stress-free incident that I encountered in regard of shopping. I just cant imagine I bought two things worth of few Ks which I never wanted to buy in the first place.
  • Call me cheap, call me stingy. Shopping is not for me. I rather stick to surfing FB all day long. Stress free and its totally free. ;)

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fajrin said...

I wish I could be just like you! It's really hard to control your feelings when it comes to shopping. Sighs -,-