Saturday, August 21, 2010

Julian my Julian

Julian (L) with Adam Samberg

I learned about him when I was in high school. At that time his band really sounded weird to my amateur ears. But I knew that there is something about the front man that not only caugt my ears but my eyes too.

Time passes by and I get to know Julian more. I learn that he never comb his hair and he always wear crappy clothes. He is son of someone famous and he always wear this 'drunk' face. A rockstar shall I say.

He is good with words. I spent so many days just to memorize the lyrics that he wrote. Some is easy to digest, some is too complicated. Nevertheless he is a good writer. Always find a different way to say simple things. His lyrics is cynical, provocative and sometimes funny.

I wish I could write like Mr Julian. I also wish to look like him. Sorry Tim, I want to be Julian for a while. Haha~

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