Friday, August 27, 2010

Footbal season

  • Football season is here again. The mania continues from South Africa to the nation of Three Lions. Its a non stop fun ride. After a disappointing period last season, The devils starts fresh all over again. Even though we failed to get all three points last week, The devils still have a fair chance to challenge for the honour.
  • This time around the teams are looking stronger than ever. Chelski, Manchester "Noisy neighbour" City, Tottenham "Redknap" Spurs, and even "No more Rafa" Liverpool are looking great. The devils need to be on their toes week in and week out just to make sure the title is within their sight.
  • I fancy some of the players will step up their game and show some great characters in and off the field. No more solo performance by Rooney. Now we have enough ammunition to gun down any team.
  • Come on you REDS!!

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