Friday, May 14, 2010


  • Im a free man. Its not that I was a slave before. What I mean by free is that I dont have any task to do at least for the next 7 days. I have completed my last task yesterday and I feel very relieve.
  • Its been a gruesome 5 months for me. Since the starting of last semeseter, I have to work extra hard juggling between work and study. Its not an easy job, no its not. If my body and mind can talk, they will beg me for mercy cause I have pushed them so hard. Lucky me my body and mind cant talk and I am their master. Haha. I like the idea of having slaves.
  • that Im free, I have to find something to fill up my time. I have to find it fast before the boredome gets on my nerve. It is something that I dont like to feel.
  • Should I loiter around shopping complex? Being in Bangi I dont have much choice except for warta, PKNS or Alamanda.
  • Or maybe I can just sit around and read dR Rozmey's daily article about his greatness and his extremely self proclaimed superb movie. I found it interesting though. You should try it once in a while. You will laugh your ass off.
  • Or maybe I should just sleep.
P/S - I miss my students. Miss to be in front of class and crack some lame jokes and see their fake smiles and laughs. haha. You know I love you students. ;D


wa said...

fake smiles and laughs ?

aha.not really. :)

Syud Ridzuan said...

aha. sir izzat lecturer penyayang katenye :D

jun pyo said...
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aina said...

hye abg izzat.rmbr me?ur tesl junior.hehe.i was blog walking and hppnd to stumble upon ur blog.hw r u?where are u teaching now?

Mc Izzy said...

hye aina

of course i remember you. ;D
Im fine. currently im teaching at kolej poly-tech mara bangi.

how r u?