Friday, February 19, 2010

Izzat dan masa hadapan

  • I always look up to those who achieve success in life. Through out my 23 (well..almost 24) years of life I've met thousand of them. They came in all sort of form. Some of them are lecturers, teachers,doctors,businessman and even farmer.
  • Come to think about it, its about time to be someone who is successful. I dont want to live my whole life being just an ordinary guy. Enough with ordinary.
  • Currently, Im counting the days for my interview with UiTM. I applied for TPM and alhamdulillah I got it. I hope all of you will pray for my success during the interview.
  • If I got it, I'll be one of UiTM's TPM and my parent's will be damn proud of me. When they are proud of me, I can say that I have achieved success.
  • Well, that about my short term goal. I know it is not an easy journey, but this is the path that I took. So come what may,I will try my best to give my best.
  • Apa soalan lazim interview TPM? hehe ;D

1 comment:

Syud said...

izzat, they want bel lecturer kat uitm jengka. seriously mmg nk and they are desperate. g apply g :)