Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chick dan bola sepak

  • Looking at the trend 10 years back, whenever you asked a girl which footbal club they love the most, the answer will surely be Manchester United.
  • I love man utd!! Glory man utd! Old trafford is the place to be!! These are some of the cliche answer by the chicks back then.
  • The reason for this kind of answer can be traced back to the player that Man Utd once possessed. Yes! What do you have in my is true. It is David Beckham.
  • Everyone knows who is David Beckham. His name even made up to modern football dictionary which means "a player who is known for his appearance and his deadly free kick".
  • A few years after that came Cristiano Ronaldo. Once again, Man Utd is the favorite among girls for the same reason.
  • Aww.....abang Ronaldo.
  • But the trend has changed ever since. David Beckham is no where to be seen in England, so does Ronaldo and lots of chicks ad lost interest in Man Utd.
  • If you walk around in Bukit Bintang nowadays and ask some random chick which footbal club they love the most, the answer is ARSENAL. Yes. ARSENAL.
  • Fabregas is the new superstar among girls. You can see lots of girls start to wear Arsenal shirt walking around town.
  • "Im a true fan of Arsenal. For me Arsenal is my life. Its more than just football"' one girl said to me.
  • Its great that lots of chicks shifted to Arsenal boats. At least Arseal fans have something to be happy if their team lost.Haha. Sorry no offense to all you Gunners.
  • I wonder if Fabregas move to Barcelona, will the girls still support Arsenal?
P/s: Who will be the next footbal superstar among girls? ;D


Amir Syafiq said...

sekarang awek suka chelsea la.hehe.

Anonymous said...

xabi. always xabi alonso, baby.

Ne3L said...

hey~datz nOt true~ >.< grr! fans n lOyal suppOrters r neva de same~sukew suki kutuk arsenal i~chicks yg folo sume ikOwt bf dOrg akay~n sume mOstly manu~*yawn*

3ple M said...

hehehe it's not true la. even when fabregas dah takde dlm arsenal in the future, i will owez b with arsenal. i am arsnl's fan since i form 1 or standard six, tak brape ingat dah... tp mmg ada pun kaki2 true poser ni ;p