Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  • The last time I played football, i mean real football which is being play on a field, was 7 years ago. I was way back during my high school day. It was a time when Im so much younger than to day and energy level was never a problem to me.
  • When Farid asked me to be part of the staff team that will compete in the KPTM league,I had a mixed feeling. First I felt excited. I love football very much. EVenthough I suck big time, still I love the game. Second I felt nervous. Can I play foootbal? Do I have enough stamina to play through the game? Gah..the second thought really scares me.
  • A week later, the time came. Our game was schedule last Monday. We were up against a bunch of students who look like 'otai' to me. Mampos!!
  • But looking at my team mates, Farid, Kepah, Che Wan, Bob, Shahri etc, I calmed down a little.
  • Priitt!! The whistle blew and the game started. We had the first kick. Dush! Bang! Boom!
  • After lots of running,kicking and sweating the twenty minutes ended. The final result was 6-0. We lost in the most stylish way. Haha!
  • From the game I can conclude that, firstly playing football on a field is damn hard. One should have enough stamina to play the game. Second I still love football eventhough I look like a fool during the game. Lastly our next game is on Friday.
  • Dear god,the only thing i ask is to have enough stamina to play on Friday so I would look like Darren Fletcher or at least Safiq Rahim of Selangor. Amin.

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