Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Simple tought

  • Once a wise man said - Everyone deserves a second chance. Indeed the words are true. Everybody make mistakes. Everybody screw up once in a while. This is a normal part of a process call life.
  • From the mistakes, people will learn. As the saying goes - we learn from our mistakes. In fact our mistake is one of the best teacher that we can get in our life.Many great people also learned from mistakes. So obviously everyone deserve a second chance for the chance can give them the opportunity to become a better person.
  • But as always, words are simpler than action. Meaning than it is easy for us to say things,but to make it happen, to execute it, sometimes it is almost impossible. For example regarding the wise man's words, is it really easy to give someone a second chance?
  • Reflecting my past memories, I can say that I one of those people who rarely give a second chance to other people. Simply say that once you screw up with me you wont get another chance. But this feeling is strictly for those who play around with my trust.
  • Once a person violate my trust, I can never trust that person anymore. I can forgive but I cant never forget. Things will not be the same anymore. People might say tat I am a complicated person. I have to admit it, I am.
  • How can I just forget when someone who you put your trust upon, violate your trust? I just cant do that. That's why I always say that I respect those who have the strength to forgive and forget. This kind of people is strong emotionally and spiritually.
  • One of these days I need to learn to give second chances to people. Because to completely forgive someone, is to forget everything that person had done and move on without holding any negative thought or grudge. What goes around, comes around. I need to start to forgive people in hope that if I ever make any mistakes in the future, people will forgive me.

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