Friday, December 28, 2007

cool covers

saya dan separuh cp di kedai kelantan kegemaran kawan2

hey ho everybody

on one faithfull afternoon, i was just browsing the internet hoping to stumble upon some fun and hip i try guess its just my luck.when my finger busy clicking the mouse, i found something that is really cool.when i say its cool,its really really really cool.there, on the webpage i found a hip video featuring a cute girl singing with her guitar.

it turned out that she is the new phenomenon on youtube. she took the net by storm by covering some of the hottest hits around.the most recognised song she did is umbrella by rihanna.she put a new dimension in the soong and i can hear the song with a whole new perspective. she even do britney's gimme more.she's great!!

she plays guitar.her voice is like heaven.she's cute. she rocks!!haha.

owh.her name is MARIEDIGBY. check her out.=)

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