Saturday, April 28, 2007

First session

I went for my first jamming session with my so called band and it was a disaster. This was expected since this was the first session and we just couldnt bind together to make great music. we couldn't even play one whole song. so we just make a lot of noise in the studio until it annoyed the studio owner.hahaha.These are the song that we managed to trash today:

1) I don't love you - MCR
2) All the small thing - Blink 182
3) Reptilia - The strokes
4) Waiting - Greenday

You see..the thing is we want to play complicated songs but we dont have the talent and skills. haha.but i guess i worth trying coz my band mates know the differences between jamming and wasting time and money.haha..

Next time we will surely do our best and prepare more before we enter the studio.