Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My final exam will start tomorrow. It makes me shiver coz i think i havent prepare enough. but still i've done my best to fill the study week.hehehe.

this time around i wanna write about exam.why is there exam in the first place. is it to test the students' mastery level of certain subjects or is there any other reason for exam? in my personal opinion, in malaysia, exam is there to grade people or in other word to divide the students into 2 groups which are CLEVER and STUPID. correct me if im wrong but malaysian education system is too exam oriented. there is no space for authentic learning since everyone is busy to get as many A's as they could. i do think that we should change the system because one of the malaysian education policy is to provide man power to the country. therefore we should do something to make the students better prepare for the real world, not preparing the students on how to get a lot of A's. when I said change the system, i mean we can change it slowly, level by level and not as a whole. i know its a tough job but we can do it. change the education system, we can change the future of our country.

but in the end im just an ordinary student whose voice cannot be heard by everyone. therefore im expressing opinion in this blog so that i can tell many people what im thinking regarding this matter. that all from now.papai...

ape yg aku merepek ni...=)

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