Monday, February 20, 2012

Of dreams and reality

  • I have a very long list of dream. One of it is being a video maker. I always wanted to find a niche in this field of art.
  • I found the art of video making is rather interesting. It gives me the chance to construct a makeshift reality according to my imagination.In short it is a dream that allows me to dream. Great isn't it?
  • However this sugar-coated dream of mine never become a reality for I dont have the much needed equipment. I dont need those fancy camcorder or high -end digital recorder.
  • Im think of something modest that suits me as an amateur video maker, or a beginner, if you may. A prosumer camera might be a handy tool for me. Be it Lumix, Olympus or even Sony.
  • On the brighter note, the price of prosumer cameras is decreasing since there a lots of competitors who join the rat race of cameras. Therefore, in near future i might be able to get my hands of a prosumer camera.
  • Once I get the right tools, I will start to get busy with my first project. Until the time comes, I will continue dreaming for dreaming is the seed of great ideas.
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