Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blindfold marathon

  • I've been talking about joining a marathon for quite some times. Many of my friends already knew my intention. They think it is a brilliant idea. "This is what people of our age should do", said a friend of mine.
  • So, last night while browsing the internet, a friend highlighted one marathon event organized by Glaucoma Malaysia. The marathon will be about 5 KM and will take place at Putrajaya, next month.
  • However this one comes with a catch. It will be a pair-marathon event. One member from each pairs would be blindfolded during the run. The other member would serves as a guide to the blindfolded member.
  • Interesting isnt it? Therefore I am waiting patiently for my salary. Once it is out, I will quickly register for this fun event.
  • To boil everything up, I can say that this is an interesting event. Besides fulfilling my dream, I also can do something good for Glaucoma Malaysia. After all helping the needy is in my blood.
P/s- Please pray so that I can finish the 5 KM marathon, blindfolded. Haha

More info please click here

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