Monday, November 1, 2010

Old days

  • Do you know those Koh Kae nuts? The one in the aluminium can and it comes in different flavors.
  • I love them very much. People said that the nuts contain addictive ingredients that make you want to have it more and more. No wonder I can finish one can in a matter of minutes.
  • But its not about the Koh Kae nuts that I want to write about. Its about the can. When I was young, I used that can to keep save my money. To be precise i kept all my money there for the sake of buying Playstation 2.
  • Yeah. It was my dream to have a PS2. That was the most wicked gadget back then. With games such as Smackdown, PES and Metal gear solid, only those who were deaf,blind and dumb wouldnt want that console.
  • Since it was so cool, i determined to save up my money no matter what it takes. Once I even skipped my lunch for 4 straight days just to make sure i save up Rm5 per day.
  • To keep my spirit high, I decorated the Koh kae can with PS2 drawings and pictures. It was so awesome but unfortunately i dont have any picture of the can.
  • My dream never came true. I only managed to save RM120, which was extremely not enough to buy a PS2. The only reason that i failed to do so is that i lost my interest of PS2 as times went by.
  • Now, everytime I see the Koh kae nuts, I will remember those days where I have a sweet little dream and I worked hard to achieved it.
  • Done with writing. Its Koh Kae Time. ;)


Charlie Viers said...

my bf simpan duit syiling dlm koh kae nuts tin jugak.we always have money to pay for tolls. :)


Mc Izzy said...

Bagus2. Koh kae can sgt multipurpose