Monday, November 16, 2009


Dear boss,
How are you? Hope you are in a good condition. The reason Im writing you this letter is to ask you about the rumors that had been circling around for few weeks now. Will us, the contract lecturers get the bonus at the end of this month?
I hope you can answer my inquiry. This is because lately I cannot focus on my work since my mind cannot stop from thinking about the reward. It is my biggest wish to received a bonus from the company.
If I do get the bonus, I will promise you that I will work harder for the sake of our beloved college. Dont get me wrong. eventhough I will not get the bonus, Im still going to give my all for our college. Its just that if we get the bonus, it can be used as catalyst to work and work and work. Afterall, if the staff work hard, the college will gain lots of profit. Isnt that great for the college.
Lastly, I would say thank you very much for your help and guidance all this while. Hope you will remain as my boss for a long time.

Thank you.

Your sincerely;
Mr Magdoo

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zesty akhtar said...

be sure to pass this inquiry to the boss for real ya.. or another option would be to give him ur blog entry so he can actually read it and answer u.. hehe.. *wink*