Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There he goes

  • Dear friend.Its been a breath of fresh air to know you.
  • Our first meeting was dated back in 2005. Back then we were just two strangers.
  • Its a nice thing to be friend with you.
  • Though we rarely hang out together, I still regard you as one of my close friend at the Faculty.
  • You're the coolest guy I've ever known. Keep your style true ya?
  • Goodbye is hard.But we have to.
  • So long my friend. Only god know when will we meet again.
  • Thank you so much Vincent Ungko (Ben).
p/s- Ben is one of the close friends I have beside Hadi, Adris, Juraimi, Bobo,Ajei,Hilmi,Afiq,Syameer etc. Gonna say goodbye to all of them soon. *sigh*

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