Monday, February 9, 2009


  • Just now I asked myself. How to be happy in life?

  •  Get rich and enjoy life? Will I be happy if i am rich? I dont think so.

  • Maybe I should get one of those Dummies book. I once saw a book entitled "How to be happy for dummies".

  • Currently I am in a state of unhappy. I have this deep and dark feeling inside my heart. 
  • What should I do? What should I say? How should i act? Everyday, mylife is full with these questions.

  • Maybe its just a mood swing. I read somewhere that Gemini always have mood swing. But I dont belive in Horoscopes.

  • I guess I should just live my life day by day. One step at a time. Maybe I would be happy someday.

  • All I need is time. Time will heal everything. It can heal a broken heart. It can patch up a bad wound.

  • For now, I just need to hang on.

  • Come on IZZAT. You're are strong!!!

  • Demmit!


Amir Syafiq said...

pergi clubbing kat sport planet!

Mc Izzy said...

baru urban layan clubbing kat Sports planet. ada lelaki pakai suar pendek. Aw~ haha

M.Z. Hadi Kamardin said...

umpama ikan berjalan kaki... kaki x ada ikan x jalan... kalau ade sumur diladang, maen sumo di tengah padang...

Ne3L said...

apewla hadi mepek 2 hik2 ;P
erm cum on shai..
ur strOng~
bliv in urself aite..?
muah~ ;)

Mc Izzy said...

After watching pursuit of happiness, i realize something...

Back in the days, Falt top hair was the 'in' thing for black people.

apa aq merepek ni.

M.Z. Hadi Kamardin said...

flat stomach pun sebenarnye... tp kini perut ala2 buyut baru la di anggap comel... baru indie...ahaha...