Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First time

In my life there are many memorable first time experiences. Here are the top five of my first time experiences.

  1. My first bike. Im a proud owner of Yamaha Lagenda. It is the first engine-powered vehicle that I own. It is a gift from my dad. With my bike, I ride the bumpy road of life. Its a damn good machine. Never let me down. It call it "my baby".

  2. My first job. Right after SPM, I worked at McDonalds. Technically, it was not my first job. My first job was at KFC. (yes, I had worked at both KFC and McD). But still McDonalds was the most memorable place for me. Together with my colleagues, we opened McD Taman Connaught. RM800 per month is heaven for an 18 year old boy.

  3. My first guitar. I spent my PTPTN money to buy a nice guitar. Ever since I knew what is rock and roll, I always fancy to have my own guitar. At last, on 2006 I bought my first guitar. The sound of the guitar is soooo sweet i tell you.....

  4. My first dean's list award. I am not a realy brilliant student. Therefore dean's list award is rare for me. But on 2007, I managed to work my ass to get the award. Looking at my exam's result, I almost cried thinking of the effort I had to put to get to that level. FOr once, I feel like im a genius. Haha.

  5. My first time to see you. The place was at a karaoke center. I still remember seeing you for the first time. For me you were the cutest girl in that room. I curi2 took few of your pictures. Haha. Few months later, your are my ANGEL. I love you baby. ;)

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