Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The ginger prince

Do you who is Van Nistelrooy's striking partner in FIFA 2001? The answer is Paul Aaron Scholes. Why yes he is a midfielder, but in his day he can play the supporting role or some people would could "in the hole".

He is a graduate from the famous Class of 92. This Salford born fella created the core of the one of the greatest Manchester United team in history. An accurate passer of the ball and know when to take a shoot, he is yielded as the greatest England midfielder of his generation. Even Lampard is seen as a school boy if he were to be compared with Paul Scholes.

Whenever I play PES or FIFA, he never let me down. He has what I called "sepakan berapi". Just push the button until the meter is half full, you will surely get a goal. Nobody can catch Scholes' bomb!!

We will surely miss you Scholes. You have been a great player for Manchester United. Thank you for a glorious 16 years.

Below are some comments from fellow professional on The ginger Prince:

Micah Richards : "He's always in the right position, always seems to be at the end of the box when the ball drops in. The complete midfielder - when he's fit, he's the best. Some go missing but he's in the right place at the right time. He's my favourite player."

Edgar Davids : "I'm not the best, Paul Scholes is."

Cesc Fabregas : "He is the one whose level I aspire to. He is the best player in the Premier League."

Michael Carrick : "Paul Scholes is just fantastic. When you play alongside him, you realise what a special talent he is."

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