Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Off canning and punishment

  • Recently, a news on canning has caught everyone's attention. In it it says that canning might be treated as an offence in the future. 
  • As usual, Malaysian reacted in many ways. Some are angry while others sort to seek for more knowledge and explanation pertaining this issue.
  • The following day, the related minister came out with a long explanation on this matter saying that the media has quoted this issue wrongly. After all the heated debate, this issue is still up for discussion. Nothing is carved on stone yet. 
  • Personally, I believe that this is a sensitive issue for Malaysian. Yes, we want to protect the children, however we also need to 'protect' this old-but-proven practice in educating the children.
  • I personally do not agree with views saying that canning is one of the main means in teaching. However, canning should be seen as one alternatives to education (punishment). After all teaching while using force and brutality will create a crooked children.
  • Canning serves as a reminder to the children that no wrong doing should go un punish. 
  • Just recently, a friend of mine showed to me a text message conversation between him and a student.
  • This student has been missing several classes. When being reminded by my friend he dare to say that he doesn't want to come to class because somehow he feels that he will fail the subject. He even said "kau boleh bagi aku lulus ke?'.
  • Nothing to do with canning
  • This kind of student is the reason why canning should remain exist and practice.

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