Wednesday, December 31, 2014


  • 2014 is closing its curtain soon. Another year is coming to an end. Soon the dawn of 2015 will arrive upon us. Here are some reflection for 2014.
  • Lesson is learned aplenty this year. For a start I became a father in February. It was a whole new lesson & experience for me. Being a father is hard but it is far from boring. I am loving every second of my life being a father. 
  • In addition, I learned to be an adult. I bought a house. I paid bills. I talked to lawyers, bankers and other people. However, no matter how many adult things I did, I still think I am just a kid. 
  • The biggest lesson would be to appreciate the small things in life. For instances, time you spend with your family, delicious food on your table, petrol in your car tank, and even a nice quiet walk in the evening. I start to see the world differently and I tend to appreciate things that I neglected as teenager.
  • Though some part of it was full with tragedies, I would like to remember 2014 for the year I became an adult. 
  • See you next year. Please enjoy the video. 

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