Thursday, August 22, 2013


  • I am a frequent traveller. Everyday I drive for about two hours to and from work. At first it was a long and tiring journey. But presently I think this long journey has its own perks.
  • One of it is I get to listen to radio. I never paid much attention to radio shows before. However, now I listen to it everyday. As if it is my daily dosage of caffeine. 
  • I learn a lot from it. But of course not from the popular and mainstream radio. I found these kind of stations are cliche and predictable. 
  • I always try to find stations that offer something different. 
  • Primarily my taste in music has expanded. Instead of listening to rock n roll, I am starting to keep an ear on jazz, blues rnb and even classic tunes.
  • Thus radio also helps me to explore the great world of the past. It enables me to see Malaysia particularly,  and the world, generally through an unconventional point of view.
  • Hitherto,  radio is a great companion that educate and entertain me. It is a wonder that something very simple can perform sophisticated tasks. 
Radio,radio,radio. When I got music,I got place to go. -Tim Armstrong.  

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