Monday, June 24, 2013


  • Haze is the pollution of dust particle in the air. For the record, it is my own definition of haze.
  • It brings a lot of trouble. Among other, haze-related-illness, low vision sight and disturbance of daily chores/activities/business.
  • I also have been affected by this widespread haze. I found that at times, I have difficulty in breathing. Plus my throat fells itchy.
  • So far, nothing major is done to curb this annual problem. All I can see is the price hike of face mask. We can blame the opportunist. 
  • Maybe this annual 'festival' is not a major concern in the authority to-do-list.It happens almost every year. It is somewhat has become a must in Malaysian calendar.
  • People has started to play the blame-game. Politicians, blogger, accountant, clerk even makcik kantin has their own version of 'whose to blame for the haze anyway?'. 
  • As long as there is no casualty, we will be ok. It is in line with our unofficial tagline - Malaysia Boleh! 
  • Bolehlah...

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