Friday, March 8, 2013

The inconvenient truth

  1. First of all I might be sued by Al gore for having the same title as his work. But this is the incontinent truth Malaysian version. Perhaps, to be more specific, Malay version. 
  2. Recently, I have a strong urge to own a house. It is normal for people at my age to have this urge I guess. So I went here, there and everywhere looking for information about houses, housing loan, etc.  
  3. But reality had slapped me in the face so hard that I couldn't move for quite some time. I lied down, glued to the floor, of course figuratively, for days. 
  4. This is the inconvenient truth. It is damn hard to own a house for an average,salary-receiver, Malay fellow like me. and like the most of my hard-working Malay comrades. 
  5. The price of property in Malaysia is so high that one have to be in-debt for 30++ years. Can you imagine to be 70 years old and struggling to go to bank every month to pay your housing loan? This image is absurd! 
  6. It is a multifaceted problem. One one hand, there is this mindless speculators who control the property value. Just Imagine in a gap of a week, a property value can increase about RM100, 000. There is no rationale in that. They just increase it because they say the value of property increases with time. I say, this is bullshit. Property value even in a godforsaken lands like Dagang, Pajam and Labu is set at a ridiculous price. RM400, 000 for an intermediate terrace house in the middle of nowhere is not rationale at all. 
  7. On the other hand is the ability of the Malay people to own property. It is wel-known that majority of the Malays fall under the category of average-income citizen. Like is said before, it is getting impossible for this kind of group to own a property especially in the Klang Valley area. Malays are well beaten by the "you-know-who" race in term of property owning.
  8. To illustrate my point, to own a terrace house with the value of RM308,000, one have to pay approximately RM1600 per month for the housing loan. How can this be achieved when many of the Malays have a monthly income of RM3000 and below? 
  9. If one think very carefully, Malays are being shun away from Klang Valley area gradually. Many of the Malays are force to flee to suburban area or the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. I have nothing against other race, but I feel sorry for my race and my self.
  10. Therefore fellow Malays, especially young ones, stop dreaming. Save money, work hard so you will have a bright future especially when it comes to owning a property.
This is Dr House, he is priceless
P/s  Do you know that the price of iphone 5 is equivalent to the booking fee of a house. Think before you buy next time. Which one is more important, iphone of a house?

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