Thursday, April 12, 2012

Galaxy noto

  • Recently I had t say goodbye to my long standing baby. Its name is Iphone 4.
  • The first time I met my baby was about a year ago at Lowyat plaza.
  • It was love at first sight. The minute I hold Iphone 4, I knew that we were destined t be together.
  • However, every meeting has its end. It is a hard goodbye but it is inevitable.
  • But the sadness is not long. This is because my baby Iphone is replaced with a new baby named Galaxy note.
  • It is a great gadget and I am sure it can replace my Iphone effortlessly.
  • I am so happy.
  • To make good thing better, the gadget is bought by my Angel.
  • She really know how to make me happy.
  • I love you Galaxy note.
  • I love you more Angel.

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