Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teach and learn

  • I am a teacher. Teaching is my job. I have been doing this job for about two years now.
  • Like any other job this profession has its ups and downs.
  • Everyday I have to deal with people with various personality. I have to interact with them, I have to teach them, I have to 'satisfy' them. It is not an easy task.
  • Despite all the setback, I find this job rewarding as it fulfil my inner need to serve and give something to the community. I would like to be a handy citizen.
  • However, the most interesting thing I find about my job is, I am learning something new everyday. I learn and teach at the same time. It is good to keep myself updated with new information and knowledge.
  • Ergo, I believe that teaching is a great profession and it is rewarding to those who love to share knowledge and do something for other people.

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