Friday, February 11, 2011

False hope and dream

  • I've been dreaming so much lately. What am I dreaming off? Its about my future.
  • Yes, as you grow older, you will tend to take the future seriously. Its not like when you are a young and hopeless teenager. The future seems like a distance entity and you just dont have the time and energy to care about it.
  • Bluerghh... I might sound boring and old. But believe me, even the most hippiest people around is thinking about the future. Directly or indirectly. Just take a look at John Lennon as an example.
  • Well, back to my story, I've been thinking about my future since everybody is canging. Physically, mentally or financially. LOL.
  • I guess to have a brighter future I need to work harder from now on. As the saying goes, a little step today could mean a big step for tomorrow. I believe in those words even I never know who said it.

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