Monday, December 13, 2010


  • Its the month of December so the mating season is officially starts again.
  • Haha. Maybe mating season is not the best words to describe it but what the heck. I still see it as the best phrase to describe this time of year.
  • Here and there I heard about people getting engaged and married. Im happy for them. If I could, I would attend all the kenduri n weddings. But I cant be in two places in one time. Im not Naruto.
  • Looking at those happy couple I wonder, where the heck they got the time and energy to save up so much? FYI nowadays the 'normal' wedding will cost around 15k-20k. Its a big amount for me as far as im concern.
  • But that is just a 'normal' wedding. What if the bride decides that she doesnt want a 'normal' wedding. Instead she wants an extra ordinary wedding where everything is made from heaven. How much will it cost?
  • How long will it takes to save up money to buy heaven? Hehe.
  • Its a scary thought though. Wedding has become an industry and year by year, the cost rises up.
  • For those marhaens out there, if you are planning to get married you better be fast before the cost is beyond reach. and for those rich-and-famous peeps, if you have an extravaganza wedding, please dont put it on you tube because its not so good for marhaen people like me.
  • Saya nak kawen!

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