Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'll kiss the night wind gracefully

  • July has been so good to me so far. Could ask for more.
  • Lots of changes are appening around me. On one hand my friends are having what I call career transition. Some of them are planning to change jobs while another few looking for jobs.Vacancies anyone?
  • For me I also going through some changes in my life. The most obvious is that I get TPM scholarship.At last!! After long awaited period, UiTM finally sent me the letter that I waited the most.
  • Im leaving KPTM soon. Its a requirement for the scholarship. I think they dont want me to get distracted with my study since they are the one who pays my bills. In return I need to perform well in my study and show them what I got.
  • Alhamdulillah. I think my career path is already being open for me. All I got to do is walk through it with my head held up high. No worries Izzat. You can do it.
P/s Thanks to all the goodluck wishes before i went for TPM's interview. Family, friends,students,foes etc


wa said...

goodluck sir.proud being your student.haha


❀ JLaa KiMStER ❀ said...

weehoo..congrats for the TPM offer ^___^

p/s: a Masters or Phd??