Monday, June 23, 2008


I always seem to have this problem. When I switch on my MP3 player, or click on Winamp, I dont know what I am going to listen to. Even though I have a huge collection of songs, sometimes I feel bored with it and what I need is some new tunes that can really make my days. So folks, I hope you can share your current playlist with me. In return I will write down my playlist to you. Who knows you might find some new tunes to add up to your collection. sharing is caring. Check it out yaw!

  1. Foals - Cassius
  2. Kerispatih - Tapi bukan aku
  3. Fox boro hot tub - Stop, drop and roll
  4. Afterlife - Avenged sevenfold
  5. Bittersweet - Burn berlin down
  6. Blink 182 - Always
  7. Greenday - Worry rock
  8. Headautomatica - Graduation
  9. Intoxicated - Possibility
  10. Rancid - Memphis
That's all for now

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