Friday, July 4, 2008

Imbecile Part 1

Warning! Dont watch malay movies or series. You will be extremely stupid even your IQ level will drop to the lowest level you could ever imagine. Even lower than the 7th hell. That is how suck Malaysian production is. I've been spending my holiday doing nothing but watchin television. After three month doing the same routine day by day I found that I getting dumber and dumber everyday. After a few experiment i found out that it was caused by my habits of watching television. Malay drama to be exact.Wanna know why...?

First of all Malay drama have no content whatsoever. Have you ever notice it before? Most malay dramas have the same theme and genre. First there is this sad and sadist theme where the protagonist have the character of a good guy or girl. The main character will be so innocent that he or she will face new trouble in new episode and still they survived. Kena pijak, laki kena rampas, keta kena tarik, rumah terbakar. You name it.In the end the good guy will get what they deserve, the bad guy being punish and justice prevail. Of course this kind of story has its own moral value.But hey,Malaysian viewer is not puppets that can be shown the same type of drama over and over again. Young viewer like me want something new. Something fresh.Im not saying that we should change the theme and show that evil is the way but please be more creative. See the theme in different angle. Present it in more creative way so that it will leave an impact to the audience. Watak yang naif, kena tindas, last2 jadi anak raja is so ol skool man. Wake up malaysian producer.

Then there is this obsession about love theme among malay produce. Even worst they name their drama according to the heroin's name. Salmah, Kalsum, Melati, Mentari(bukan nama sebenar) Im so sick of it. I almost throw up everytime this kind of drama is on air. Hey2 I know love is a universal theme and as the saying goes " Tak lapuk dek hujan, tak lekang dek zaman". But then again if the theme is presented the same way for thousand times, who the heck want to watch the movie. Gaduh, couple, gaduh couple, org ketiga,datuk2,datin2, mercedes.apakah semua ini?

Seriously i have many things in my mind but i could not transfer it into my blog because i dont have much time. Therefore, i will continue in my next entry.

till then.

c ya.

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Syud said...

bygkn kalau ade drama melayu berjodol "syud rid".