Monday, May 5, 2008

Good bye Astrid

Next semester is going to be different. A major overhaul:

  1. I'm going to practicum (takot siot)
  2. I want to lose some more weight since i'm getting fatter.
  3. I'll not be around the fac anymore.
  4. I'm going to miss my friends.
  5. No more night classess
  6. Less assignment
  7. More expenditure ( on travelling i guess)

But come to think about it again, it is not a major changes afterall. I'm still here in Shah Alam livingthe same old but interesting life of mine. Yipee!

p/s - apa aq merepek ni?

1 comment:

Ne3L said...

isn't it sapOs 2b gud..?
dat minz ur gttin nearer 2d end of ur dgree..
hee cill izzy..
i nOe u cn hndle diz.. ;)