Monday, May 12, 2008

We are the champion~ again!

We did it again. Well done boys. That's the way. We did it i style. Eventhough the title decider was down to the wire, Man utd show they got character and strength to win the league. It all down to the last game of the season to choose who is the better team. There were some nervy moment, but as true reds I never had doubt about the way they play. Goals from Ronaldo and Giggs all but sealed the 17th premier league title for the Red Devils. Well, what more can I say. They are in superb condition all season and deserve to win it. Congrats to Sir Alex and the boys. Full steam ahead to Moscow. Burn down Moscow and we are going to bring the Blues!

Come on you Reds!!


hafriz said...

Let's do the DOUBLE!! Yeah Man Utd FTW!!

Azzam?? said...

crap! wahahahha