Monday, November 17, 2014

Asean football


  1. When it was played under the name of Tiger Cup, not much attention was given by Malaysian. This is mainly because the name of the Championship was derived from a beer-makin company. 
  2. Everything changed when Malaysian won the Cup in 2010. Not much hope was given to the team back then. However Dato Rajagobal and co managed to overcome the odds and became the winner.
  3. Since then AFF Suzuki Cup ( the current name of the tournament) is an event that many Malaysian football fan is waiting for.
  4. This year, 2014, Malaysia once again will compete in the tournament.
  5. Just like in 2010,  not much hope is given to the team. Series of poor performance has shaken the believe of many football fans in Malaysia. However, fans all over the country is still praying for the best.
  6. Only the spirit of 2010 can help this group of players to win this year's tournament.
  7. Come on you Tigers!!

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