Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 shopping list

  • I welcome February with open arms. 
  • It marks the end of my busy period. It's not that I will be free and easy all February, it's just that I am less busy compared to January. I should not be too worry because as the saying goes "works will never end".
  • I think I should engage my mind with something that help me to ease my stress from work. Therefore I turn to shopping.
  • So, after some serious thought, here are the top 3 things in my personal shopping list.
  • Bicycle. - I have to admit that I regret to have sold my bicycle. It was a good servant to me. Now I miss cycling again. Therefore I need a new bicycle. I may not have the economic strength to but a Specialzed, but a Merida or Scott would be nice.

  • I need a new set of wheel. Being a frequent traveler, tire is essential to me. My current set is one-year-old and it won't be long before it goes past its shelf life.My personal choice of course Continental CC5. Affordable and reliable. 

  • Being a technology enthusiast, it's hard for me to resist the temptation of having the newest smartphone in the market. Currently I am eyeing Nokia Lumia. It's a change of wind I shall say.There is nothing wrong with my current phone, but being the geek I am, I have sleepless night thinking about this. Haha. 
So, I hope by the end of 2014, all of my wish list will be achieved. Here is for a good year ahead of us. Adios!

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