Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mighty Manchester United

The reds
  • Transition is a multifaceted verb. There is a plethora of outcome resulted by transition. It can be bad or vice versa. One can really predict the outcome accurately no matter how prepared they are.
  • ·        Manchester United is a football club that is going on a transition period. From a legendary manager, MU now is in the hand of a manager dubbed as the most consistent manager in the EPL.
    ·         As stated, the outcome of transition is varied. As can be seen, MU form is suffering as a result of the transition. They are now sitting at the 7th place, 11 points behind the league leader, Arsenal.
    ·         As a fan, it hurts to see MU in such state. The players are not performing well, the team is breaking all the wrong records and to see Liverpool is placed above MU are cruel illustrations of how bad MU is right now.
    ·         Something must be done to stop the rot. Bring in the young talents or purchase readymade superstar can help to solve the problem. But I do believe transition needs time. So time is what MU will get especially from the fan.
    ·         We are the mighty Manchester United and we do whatever we want”. These are the words of the supporters that once echo loudly in OT every week. Yes we are the mighty MU. If we want to be on top, we can do that. I believe!


Ne3L said...

Not so mighty anymore :P

Mc Izzy said...

The reds are going through a transitional period. A rough one I'd say.