Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An adventure

Nat Geo magazine

  • This year is the 125th anniversary of National Geographic society.
  • As a child, I remembered watching a television series that showed the life in animal kingdom. I was fascinated with the series. It even had a catchy theme song. It turned out to be the National Geographic series.
  •  National geographic teaches me a lot. Among other thing is to explore the world. I have to admit im not an adventurer in real life. Instead I like to 'travel' around the world in my head. I use my imagination to feel like those great travelers i watched on television.
  • In my head, I wish to challenge the rough ocean, make friends with the tallest mountain, having a private moment surrounded by giant sequoia trees and even unearthing a treasure in the deepest cave. 
  • I learned that since the beginning of time, human started to explore the world. curiosity is always there among human. This curiosity helps us, the human race to progress up to the level that we are in right now. 
  • Maybe this year, as part of my new year resolution, I would like to be an explorer. a traveler who roam the earth to find new things or learn new knowledge. 
  • My adventure might not be as interesting as Indiana Jones or as great as Alexander the great. I aim to start small within my means. 
  • Afterall as the editor of National Geographic magazine said, a quest for an adventure can start by exploring your own backyard.

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