Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Adorable teddy bear

  • It has been a while since i feel very satisfied after watching a movie. Most of the time I would walk out from the cinema hall and say "Oklah movie tadi. Oklah...".
  • One wise man once said, finding a good movie is like trying to find needle in a hay stack. We must be patience and keep on looking for it.
  • A long last I have found a good movie last weekend. The title is TED. The movie is about a grown up man who befriend with his magical teddy bear. The name of the teddy bear is ted. Ted can walk, talk and even do drugs like normal human beings. Together, they live with the man's girlfriend in an apartment.
  • Besides Ted cute look, the movie is good because it has good dialogue. As you can guess the movie is full with comedy. The jokes are brilliant and witty. Typical American jokes.
  • Eventhough the story line is quite predictable, nobody cares because the audience will be busy adoring Ted. Me, personally keep on dreaming to have Ted as my friend/pet. Haha.
  • So folks, get of your comfortable couch and go to the nearest cinema to catch Ted. You wouldnt want to miss a good movie because good movie only come once in a blue moon.
  • can just download it and enjoy the movie on your comfortable couch. Haha. 

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