Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting for the silence

Opinions can be fatal
If you're not careful
They can lead you on the right track
Or stab you in the back
You say I should know better
That I should just agree
But honey hearts don't come with guarantees
I hate to break it to you
But I'm obviously not who you want me to be
And it's a cowardly act now
I didn't mean to react now
Your mind is under attack
And you're asking yourself, 'why?'
I can't live without the attentionI feel lost, got no direction
I'm waiting for the silence to end now
Waiting for the smoke to clear
Waiting for someone to surrender
Don't you remember how it was last year?
When all of the boys were making their noise
And the girls were trying hard to pretend
We had it all back then
Now we're waiting for the silence to end


epifah said...

this is nice. :D

Ne3L said...

i wish i cud be ur melOdy~
2fil ur silence with luv sOngs..