Friday, October 24, 2008


Ahoy to all you readers out there. MPH bookstores is organizing a book fair starting from tomorrow. (24th October) The event will last for 17 days. You can catch some new and interesting titles at the fair at lowered price. Plus most the books are new. (straight from the warehouse)
The book fair is at SACC Mall centre circle. You would not miss the fair if your are at SACC Mall. Readers, book lovers, wannabe writers and all are invited. Thank you.
-Promotion of SACC MPH book fair by IZZAT-

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EllyMelly said...

wow! aku ada dgr ko keje kat MPH! best tak?? bape ek pendapatan di situ? *bestnye dpt baca buku free! =D* do they have a book on 'nama-nama cahaya mata'?