Friday, September 19, 2008


I like my school

This is because it is near to my house.sekangkang kera bak kat orang kampung.

I like my bike

Everyday I ride my bike to school. That's why I like it damn much. It has been a loyal servant to me for the past 2 years. I love you WNA.

I love my wallet

My wallet never seem to run out of money this semester. Eventhough it cost a fortune to come up with good teaching aids, I still manage to keep my wallet thick and organize. The power of saving.hehe.

I like my lesson plan

I have to like my own lesson plan. Afterall im the one who created it. Plus if I dont like my LP why should my students? Am I right?

I like my mentor

Since the first day I saw my mentor, i knew that he is the right guy for me ( owh. i sound really gay) Mr Leong I couldn't thank you enough. Only god can repay you.Arigatogozaimasu.

I love my students

Sometimes they get on my nerves but nevermind.They are still my students and I love them damn much.

I love my life

I love everything about me. Yes there are ups and downs but that is life. We just have to face it. So far I have no major complain about my life. This is also the reason why I love myself damn much.

Thank you damn much to everyone who help me to write this entry.

In memories of SEVENZ

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