Wednesday, June 10, 2015


To carve out a chance out of nothingness is a trait of greatness


I should've studied hard and be an astronaut
I could've become an athlete if I were to trained hard
I would've been a millionaire if I didn't waste my youth

I should've played my guitar loudly and be a rock star
I could've become a scientist if I didn't skip school
I would've been abroad if I didn't have this rope that tie me

I should've concentrated on drawing and be an artist
I could've created my own comic if I were diligent enough
I would've been somewhere else but here

Should've, could've, would've....
Let's stop for a while
Take a deep breathe
Take a look around

All those Should've, could've, would've are just dreams
Dreams that never made it to reality
Why should I dream for the realty is right in front of me

I would'nt trade this life for any other kind
I love it
Though it is far from perfect
I am living my dream

Right here
right now