Thursday, September 25, 2014

Barren place

  • I started blogging in 2007. Hence, this is my 7th year administering this blog.
  • In 2007, blog was the talk of the town. Everybody owned at least a blog. People would write anything from current issues to what type of underwear they love.
  • Honestly, like many, I started blogging because it was cool. Looking back at my early entries, it is all just me mixing words and my limited world view. It was fun though.
  • Fast forward to 2014, blog is not so popular anymore. Many other website or application has taken over blog's place at the helm of social media. 
  • I am still here though. The only reason is that, occasionally I want to write. I want to practice my writing.
  • Here I feel free to write and mumble anything and everything. Compared to the 'crowded' Facebook, I found peace here in my own personal space.
  • It is frustrating to see my friends and bloggers stop to write. One by one they abandon their blogs. All it is now just a reflection of their past life.
  • Even more eerie is that some of the blog has turned into 'soft-porn-penis-enlargement' blog'. I am sure these blogs have been hacked and infected by malware or viruses, pity them.
  • For now I would still write in my blog occasionally.
  • How long would I blog is another question that I do not have the answer yet. 

1 comment:

nie eim said...

Hey yo,

Aku pun blog since 2008.
Blog is kinda lame sekarang kan?
But i still blog sometimes, hobi yang tak dapat dibuang begitu saja.