Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teach and learn

  • I am a teacher. Teaching is my job. I have been doing this job for about two years now.
  • Like any other job this profession has its ups and downs.
  • Everyday I have to deal with people with various personality. I have to interact with them, I have to teach them, I have to 'satisfy' them. It is not an easy task.
  • Despite all the setback, I find this job rewarding as it fulfil my inner need to serve and give something to the community. I would like to be a handy citizen.
  • However, the most interesting thing I find about my job is, I am learning something new everyday. I learn and teach at the same time. It is good to keep myself updated with new information and knowledge.
  • Ergo, I believe that teaching is a great profession and it is rewarding to those who love to share knowledge and do something for other people.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dry the river

Good song with meaningful is hard to come by these days. therefore, when I found one, I would like to share it with you.

I waited by your bedside,
And didn't close my eyes all night.
I named you like a prayer.

It's anybody's guess how,
The angel of doubt came down,
And crept into your bed.

But after we danced to the shipping forecast,
The words escaped your mouth:
"I know it's gotta stop love, but I don't know how."

Now the stairs forget your shoes,
And the gate don't creak for want of you.
But the jury's out on me.

We're wise beyond our years,
But we're good at bad ideas, my love.
Or so it seems to be.

Shine a little light,
Don't wrestle with the night,
Don't think about the future now.
I know it's gotta stop love but I don't know how.

My little one,
My kettle drum,
I know I had a message at the start.

My babel tongue,
My come-undone,
I know I had a message at the start.

My prison kiss,
My dying wish,
I know I had a message at the start…
But it up and abandoned us, when we were sleeping in our beds.

It's anybody's guess how the angel of doubt laid down
Sand beneath our house.
I know it's gotta stop love, but I don't know how.